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Training and Development is an increasingly strategic area for success in companies. When we talk about organizational development, there is no standard model. Each organization is unique and each of its employees likewise. This is why it is important to ensure that each solution presented is unique to each business.


We see our specialists as an extension of each organization's teams, always present throughout the process - from identifying needs, to design, until implementation. 


HR4U's solutions focus on developing behavioral and technical skills, including specific areas of Human Capital Management, among others, using a variety of methodologies and approaches appropriate to each case.


Globally, coaching has been increasingly recognized in both the public and private sectors as one of the most effective ways to develop outstanding professionals.


An Executive Coaching or Business Coaching program is tailored to each Coachee and focused on the goals and needs of both the Executive / Employee and its organization. 


 It is an individual development process that enables the Employee to discover their true potential, overcome barriers and develop capabilities to achieve their short and long term personal and organizational goals faster.


In HR4U, individual coaching sessions address multiple perspectives based on respect and mutual trust, in partnership between the Organization, the Executive / Employee and the Coach.



Human capital is today one of the main concerns of organizations. It is vital that organizations can align their structure with the capabilities of their employees and the company culture. Highly skilled employees combined with organizational capabilities are an important competitive advantage.


To win, organizations have to be agile and focused on their goals, with the right people, in the right places, at the right time to maximize the benefits for both the company and the employee. They should be flexible and permanently adopt new ways of working in an era of constant and rapid change. They must have a high-performance culture, engage and inspire their teams.


At HR4U we develop and implement projects that cover the different areas of expertise in Human Capital Management, in order to developing the business and its people.


Meaning of facilitation in the dictionary: action or effect of facilitating (uncomplicating).


 It can be said that “is the art of orienting towards a solution in a neutral way; it is to create opportunities for debate and discussion, where all participants can contribute in order to achieve mutual understanding of the outcome; it is to facilitate a group in achieving a collective goal by stimulating collaborative action ”(IAF Portugal, 2017).


 Facilitation is a systemic and integrated approach to methods and tools, adapted and applied by our experienced team of facilitators that can apply to various situations: projects, decision-making processes, change and transformation, conflicts, and in many different sectors. - corporate, social, academic, political, etc.


Through Facilitation our professionals guide participants to what is really important, involving everyone in the generative process of impact solutions.

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